Grand Holiday Tournaments
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  1. The Grand Holiday Tournaments is a collection of seven separate tournaments, with each tournament comprising of several rounds and one final “Super Round”.
  2. During Super Rounds, each point earned by the player will be multiplied by 2. 10% of players’ score during each round of a tournament will be collected as credit and shall be added to the players’ Super Round score of that tournament.
  3. The Third round is Wealth Seekers that is separated to 4 weeks starting on 02.11. GMT 00:00 and ending on 29.11.2023. GMT 23:59.
  4. Every round of each tournament (including the Super Round) offers its own prize pool, with an aggregate prize pool of €500,000 throughout the entire Grand Holiday Tournaments.
  5. All the prizes for each round will be visible in the tournament tool within the participating games.
  6. How to win: Each win will reward the player with a certain amount of points, based on the following formula: amount won / amount wagered x100 (for example, if you waged €1 and won €10, you will be rewarded with 1,000 points).
  7. Each player’s rank in the Leaderboard for each round will appear once they reach the qualifying score, which is displayed on the players’ toolbar.
  8. The Grand Holiday Tournaments are available during real-money play only.
  9. Minimum qualifying bet per spin to participate in each of the tournaments is €0.2. If the Minimum Qualifying Bet is not available on one of the participating games, the closest higher bet amount possible shall constitute as the Minimum Qualifying Bet for that game.
  10. Each player participating in one of the tournaments will receive a unique tournament ID for the Leaderboard, per each currency that player plays with. Changing the currency during the duration of the Grand Holiday Tournaments may reset the player’s progress on the Leaderboard.
  11. If two or more players have the same number of points at the end of each round, the player who reached the points first will be ranked higher.
  12. Wins from free spins awarded to the player by the participating operator will not qualify in the Grand Holiday Tournaments towards placement on the Leaderboards.
  13. During the Grand Holiday Tournaments, players may be offered to play all or some of the participating games as part of various promotional efforts made available from time to time in accordance with the terms of such efforts. By participating in such efforts, players may be rewarded with additional points.
  14. All the slot games from Spinomenal’s offer will participate in the Grand Holiday Tournaments, except: Tennis Champions, Women’s Day, Winners Gold, African Rampage, Kitsune Scrolls Expanded Edition, Ded Moroz. Snegurochka, Story Of Hercules 15 Lines, 100 Lucky Chilies, 88 Fortune Cats, 40 Lucky Fruits and all 1-reel games.
  15. Spinomenal and Casino reserves the right to amend or suspend the Grand Holiday Tournaments or any one of the individual tournaments at any time for an indefinite period of time. Any such amendment or suspension shall not affect players that have opted-in, unless the amendment or suspension is required to manage/prevent fraud or other unlawful behavior.
  16. In case of discrepancy between the interpretation of the English version of these Terms and any other version or iterations of these Terms because of difference in translation, the English version shall prevail.
  17. General terms and conditions apply.

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